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Your day-to-day fitness guide to staying in shape on holiday

Most of us have probably had that feeling: you arrive home from your long-awaited holiday but feel even more exhausted than before you left. A busy week full of sun, fun, food, drink, indulgence and adventure can leave you feeling wiped out.

Of course, it doesn't have to be that way. Many more of us instead value a guilt-free holiday that allows us to enjoy good food and drink while keeping up our commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Identifying a sensible fitness plan for your holiday can help you stay in shape, no matter how long you're going away for or how much you choose to indulge. Find your perfect holiday workout and fitness routine and you'll come home refreshed, revitalised, and ready to face anything work or family life can throw at you.

If you're looking to shape up on holiday find a destination that has a gym, swimming pool, and plenty of surrounding open space so you have easy opportunities to keep up your routine.

The right fitness routine coupled with a fitness-friendly retreat, resort, or hotel will result in a holiday experience that indulges you in all of the right ways, without over-indulging you in any of the wrong ones.

The long weekend

Day 1 – A sightseeing cycle

Leave the car behind and go sightseeing by bicycle. Cycling is a fun low-impact activity that is perfect for burning calories and giving you a good aerobic workout.

Day 2 – The pre-breakfast walk

Set your alarm 30 minutes before breakfast and take a brisk walk exploring the scenery around the grounds. Walk fast enough to raise your heartbeat and feel warmer. For added intensity, and if you are staying near the beach, try walking on the sand for added resistance.

Five day holiday

Day 1 - Go for golf

Start your holiday with a round of golf – just be sure to leave the buggy at the clubhouse. Whether it is nine holes or the full 18, golf will give your heart and lungs a fantastic holiday workout.

Day 2 - Classic crunches

Try some good old fashioned sit ups and push ups in your room before heading down to dinner. They'll help to maintain strength and muscle while you're away from home.

Day 3 – Gym workout

If you have planned ahead and booked into a hotel, resort or retreat with a gym, make sure you make use of the facilities on offer and spend an hour or so on a holiday workout.

Day 4 – Sea swimming

Head to the beach and for an exhilarating sea swim. Open water swimming works your upper and lower body and gets your heart pumping but is kind on your joints. It's a refreshing addition to any holiday fitness routine.

Day 5 – Tennis match up

If you want something that will be fun and keep you fit why not try a leisurely tennis match. A great holiday sport as you can knock the ball around while giving you an all-around aerobic workout.


Keeping the exercise routine going while you are on holiday is mandatory according to Carol Fleming, owner and operator of the spas at Peppers Beach Club & Spa Palm Cove and Peppers Beach Club Port Douglas. “We are hard wired to exercise,” she says. “Whether it is a jog on the beach, swimming pool laps, a session in the resort gym, or taking in one of the exercise programs on offer at your holiday destination.”

Seven day trip

Day 1 – Exercise class

Book into an exercise class and you can bolster your energy levels to feel upbeat for the rest of your day. Find one nearby or ask your resort if they have any available.

Day 2 – Walk your holiday destination’s tourist hotspots

Instead of taking the bus or car, pack a pedometer in your luggage and aim for 10,000 steps while you explore your surroundings on foot.

Day 3 – Try an adventure sport

What better time to unleash your adventurous side by discovering a new sport. Kayaking and rock climbing will test your upper body. Or perhaps take a surfing lesson for the ultimate test of your core strength and balance.

Day 4 – Bush hike

Explore your natural surroundings by going off-road and finding the best trails in Australia and New Zealand. You don’t need to be a keen walker to experience the health benefits the great outdoors has to offer.

Day 5 – Pool swim

Indulge in a leisurely morning swim at your resort’s pool. Challenge yourself by completing a minimum number of lengths before breakfast is served. Swimming is the perfect all-body workout.

Swimming is a great form of exercise

Day 6 - Yoga

Exercise doesn’t have to leave you out of breath. Yoga is the perfect way to help you shape up on holiday as it tones the body and hones the mind. Peppers Salt Resort and Spa, Kingscliff, offers yoga retreats throughout the year.

Day 7 – Mountain biking

Taking your bike off-road can be an exhilarating end to any holiday. Take the family on an adventure across rough terrain, up hills and down streams. You’re sure to feel the burn in your legs.

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