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How to indulge while still enjoying a healthy holiday

Keeping fit while on holiday

Guests at Peppers resorts, retreats, and hotels love to indulge during their stay according to Warrick Brook, the Executive Chef at Peppers Craigieburn.

“We have healthy options on our menus as well as indulgent meals. Some diners seek out healthy alternatives which are easily identified on our menus.

The majority of diners usually have an indulgent treat as they want a memorable meal,” Warrick says.

So how can you go on an indulgent holiday and experience all the qualities of Australia’s prime food and wine destinations, without experiencing all of the guilt? Here’s a useful guide to some of the simple exercises you can do on your holiday so you can indulge at your leisure with a clear conscience. 

1. Indulgence: Two medium (160ml) glasses of dry white wine (12% alcohol) = 630 kilojoules (kJ).

Activity: Power walking for 30 minutes = 740 kJ burned

Taking a well-deserved mini-break and indulging in a glass or two of your favourite wine doesn’t have to leave you feeling guilt-ridden the morning after. Look after yourself, and your body, by completing a 30-minute session of brisk power walking before you uncork that bottle. Power walking is performed at a steady and energetic pace with wide footsteps and brisk arm movements. Take your holiday partner out for a power walk and you can both feel guilt-free knowing you have burned off those glasses of wine before they have even touched your lips. If you want to feel absolutely no remorse about your indulgences, why not book a health retreat for your little getaway and get that balance right all weekend.

2. Indulgence: A slice of heavenly chocolate cake = 1,285 kJ

Activity: 30 minutes of jogging = 1,364 kJ burned

We all deserve to spoil ourselves once in a while. When you are sitting in a restaurant on holiday, you will probably want to take a little look at the desserts menu at the end of the evening. The good news is you don’t have to shy away from ordering a heavenly slice of chocolate cake, as you can always balance it out by getting active. Going for a 30-minute jog will burn off enough kilojoules to warrant savouring every last mouthful. Jogging also improves your cardiovascular fitness, strengthens muscles, and helps you to maintain a healthy weight. So if you pack your running shoes in your luggage, then at least you can come back knowing you have had a healthy holiday – without sacrificing your favourite pudding.

3. Indulgence: Four slices of gourmet pizza = 3,626 kJ

Activity: Two hour ride = 3,680 kJ burned

If you’re daydreaming of the perfect weekend away maybe consider a health retreat where you can work out and enjoy those naughty indulgences at the same time. Spend the day discovering your surroundings by bike and you can feel safe in the knowledge that you can have something extra in the evening. Knowing that you can treat yourself to your favourite Italian pizza on your weekend away will allow you to go home feeling totally satisfied. A two-hour cycle can burn off a staggering 3,680 kJ which will easily see you break even after eating a tasty pizza. Cycling is a low-impact sport, and it’s easily accessible to people at different fitness levels, which makes it suitable for all ages.

Swimming is a great form of exercise

4. Indulgence: Two scoops of vanilla bean gelato = 750 kJ

Activity: Gentle paced swimming for 30 minutes = 700 kJ burned

The ultimate holiday treat has to be a few scoops of your favourite gelato. But did you know that a gentle swim for just 30 minutes actually burns enough energy for you to warrant choosing that gorgeously creamy treat? When you book your holiday check whether the accommodation has a pool available or a beach nearby so you can do some leisurely paddling before you indulge. Swimming is fantastic for strengthening and toning your muscles, improving flexibility, providing a full-body workout, and relieving stress. So pack your favourite swimwear, enjoy a lovely dip in the pool, and then sit back to enjoy that delicious gelato. You deserve it. Then return home knowing you have enjoyed a relaxing, indulgent, but healthy holiday.

5. Indulgence: Full-cream café latte = 705 kJ

Activity: 45 minutes of tennis = 900 kJ burned

Tennis is a fantastic recreational sport to enjoy on your holiday with friends and family. Getting active with a tennis racket means you can take advantage of a number of health benefits, including lowering your blood pressure, improving your muscle tone, lowering your body fat, and increasing your reaction times. Crucially, getting active also allows you to treat yourself to your favourite coffee, guilt-free. If you have a weakness for the creamy varieties, such as a full-cream café latte, then a game of tennis will burn enough kilojoules for you to enjoy it with total peace of mind.

6. Indulgence: Two servings from cheese board (25g per serving) = 640kJ

Activity: 30 minutes of dancing = 740kJ burned

How often do we fall victim to the temptation of the cheese board while out dining at the weekend. Those delicious wedges of dairy goodness are usually too tantalising to resist. You can always treat yourself to the cheese board though, as long as you counteract your cheddar choices or feta fetishes with a short dose of activity. Just 30 minutes of dancing is enough to burn off the kilojoules you would consume eating two delightful portions of camembert in the evening. Dance is also a fantastic aerobic activity that is sociable and suitable for everyone.

*Disclaimer: Data is based on an average person weighing 80kg. The number of kilojoules burned depends on your weight and intensity you exert while exercising.

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