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How to de-clutter your mind and find focus

Do you rejuvenate and revitalise when you are on leave from work? Our minds are working overtime to digest and organise the information that we consume on a daily basis. Giving yourself the time and opportunity to clear your mind is beneficial for a healthy lifestyle.

Relaxation is important to reduce our stress and anxiety levels. It also helps you deal with the challenges of everyday life. Here are our seven tips on how to focus, clear your mind, and achieve total rejuvenation.

1. Physical exercise

Physical exercise can offer relief to the mind when it has been busy absorbing information. By keeping fit, your body releases endorphins which give your brain receptors a euphoric feeling. Taking time out of your busy schedule and finding time to exercise - whether it is a long walk, bike ride, relaxed swim, or a game of golf - can do wonders to help you unwind and relax.

Carol Fleming, the owner and operator at two Peppers spas in North Queensland, offers her own advice for using simple exercises to calm the mind: “Walk more, walk on the grass barefoot, and hydrate by drinking more water. Relax by including morning and afternoon stretching routines.”

Peppers resorts, retreats, and hotels all offer a range of facilities and activities to keep you physically fit during your stay.

2. Relaxation techniques

Taking time out to practice relaxation techniques will help to clear your mind and improve your focus. Popular relaxation methods such as yoga, pilates, and tai chi are renowned for de-stressing the mind and body. Meditating also offers relaxation to the mind and body by turning off the outside world and concentrating on clearing the mind, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. Deep breathing techniques are a fantastic way to clear your mind. Try emptying your lungs, at least once a day, during a five-minute deep breathing routine. It can be practised anywhere – at work, in the car, on the train or at home.

“The whole purpose of our work is provide that perfect environment of calm and serenity to induce relaxation,” says Carol Fleming. “We take them to another place and time to ensure every client’s mind, body, and soul is relaxed and rejuvenated before they leave.”

3. Laughter

The saying goes that laughter is the best medicine. Laughter reduces your level of stress hormones and increases your endorphin levels. Put on a funny film or share a joke with your loved ones. Taking time to make sure you are laughing rather than frowning will help you on the journey to improving your brain health.

4. Positive psychology

Practicing positive thinking and being more optimistic can improve your emotional wellbeing. Thinking more positively about life’s obstacles and dealing with your problems in a confident manner will empower you and your mind. This concept is referred to as positive psychology by experts and is a process whereby individuals are encouraged to lead happy and healthy lives. Follow this principle by finding time to make yourself happy, rather than concentrating on the negativity, as it will help to make you less stressed and uptight about life.

5. Brain exercises

Following daily brain exercises can improve your mental health. The benefits of exercising your brain is a similar concept to increasing your physical fitness. Brain exercises can improve your mental fitness, boosting your memory and ability to digest information.Training your brain and breaking a mental sweat is important to keeping your mind clear and ready to take on daily tasks.

6. Take a spa holiday retreat

Booking some time away is the perfect antidote to allow your mind to switch off and relax. Mini-breaks can offer short-term relief from stress but it is also crucial to take longer holidays, from one to two weeks. They provide the ideal opportunity for your mind to detox from the stresses of everyday life. Leaving behind the pressures at home and shutting off in another location offers your mind a respite.

Pick a tranquil and quiet setting such as a secluded beach, like the ones around Peppers Beach Club & Spa, Palm Cove, QLD, or a mountainous lodge, like Peppers Rundells Alpine Lodge, in Dinner Plain, Vic. Take some time out to indulge at one of Australia’s many secluded locations and you will feel revitalised and ready to take on challenges when you return home.

7. Aromatherapy

Using 100% essential oils which de-stress and help you to unwind are the perfect antidote to improving your mental wellbeing. Burning aromatherapy oils to help you relax can provide a much-needed stress buster. The best stress-relieving scents are orange, grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, and lavender. Try using them at work and in the office to aid relaxation wherever you are. Combined with a massage, aromatherapy is the ideal way to totally de-stress and unwind your mind.

Don’t allow your mind to become cluttered with information and your body taken over by stress-induced hormones. Check out how you can adopt some of these tips to unwind your mind, focus on de-stressing, and improving your mental health.

Or if you think the only way to truly unwind is to get away from home, have a browse of our current specials and start planning your spa experience.

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