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Corporate Social Responsibility

As one of Mantra Group's core values, Corporate Social Responsibility is recognised as a key priority.

Through the delivery of a number of engagement programs and partnerships, Mantra Group is continuously working to improve the level of social and ethical responsibility held in our four CSR cornerstones; community, environment, marketplace and workplace.


Mantra Group is a proud Red Cross National Loyalty Partner and supports the Good Start Breakfast Club; an initiative providing healthy breakfasts and nutritional education daily to school kids in areas of greatest need around Australia.  Mantra Group's New Zealand properties support the New Zealand Red Cross equivalent; Breakfast in Schools. 

Community Sponsorships

In addition to our commitment to Red Cross, Mantra Group provides limited assistance to other community organisations with reaching their fundraising goals.  Community sponsorship requests are reviewed by Mantra Group's Corporate Social Responsibility department and qualified against fixed criteria determined by our Team Members. Applicants are encouraged to self-assess eligibility before submitting their request using Mantra Group's Community Sponsorship Request form.

Click here to download Mantra Group's Eligibility/Criteria Checklist and Community Sponsorship Request Form.

Give Blood

Mantra Group's corporate blood donors are affectionately known as Mantra Group Lifesavers. Our lifesavers give the gift of life to people in our community by rolling up their sleeves every three months.  21,000 donations are needed each week to help cancer patients, people with leukaemia, heart disease, accident and trauma victims, pregnant women and newborns. 

Volunteer Leave

All Full Time and Part Time Team Members receive one day of Volunteer Leave each year. Volunteer Leave provides Team Members with the opportunity to give back to their community and support an organisation they're passionate about.  

Christmas Giving

Mantra Group's annual Christmas Giving appeal aims to provide disadvantaged people in our local communities with food during the festive season. Mantra Group Team Members continue to exceed each preceding year with oodles of food items and supermarket vouchers being distributed to those who need it most. 


Mantra Group operate in some of Australia and New Zealand's most precious natural environments.  We recognise our responsibility to minimise our environmental impact and are committed to the continual development of our environmental platform.  Our sustainability committee, CSR champions and Team Members are encouraged to work locally to implement measures aimed at improving our management of energy, waste, water and biodiversity.


Mantra Group is committed to ensuring the long term sustainability of Australasia tourism.  This is supported through our alignment with various governing bodies, associations and key government departments.  This not only ensures our export commodity is protected, but our domestic market is strengthened.  These bodies range from Tourism Transport Forum (TTF), Tourism Australia, National Tourism Industry Council and Regional Tourism Offices.  This commitment has seen Mantra Group recognised with the Australian Federation of Travel Agents' (AFTA) honorable Hotel Group of the Year accolade. 


Employing and accommodating people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, Mantra Group prides itself on being a culturally rich, equal employment opportunity workplace.  Our teams are encouraged to celebrate multiculturalism each year by hosting an ethnically inspired Team Member lunch.  We believe this is a small but powerful step in uniting our team and further appreciating other cultures.

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